nursing bridging program
benefits of nursing bridging program

If working in Australia has been your dream, you will be surprised to know that average pay scale of nurses in Australia in public sector hovers around a whopping $65000 per year. With this startling figure and an increasing demand in the career prospects, nursing has become a lucrative career opportunity for people who wish to work in Australia. 

Nursing is gaining popularity and bridging courses of nursing and mid-wifery like those provided by School of International Studies (SOIS) is an icing on the cake. They offer the best NMBA-approved bridging programs for nursing and registered nurses.

What are the Avenues after Nursing Graduate and Undergraduate Courses?

AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority) has started bridging programs for overseas nurses called Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON) along with the option of pursuing 2-3 year bachelor or master’s course. Under such programs the person can hone their nursing skills to adhere to the international standards.

These programs enable you to get registration as a nurse in Australia and equip you with the required knowledge to be a part of the nursing and healthcare sector. This may also be your gateway to PR of Australia. 

There are chances that you may be pursuing alternative courses but wish to switch to nursing, this is possible only with the bridging programs available on campus and online.  The following avenues open up after completing the bsc nursing in Australia, M.Sc. in Nursing or the Bridging programs in Nursing:

  • Children with Behavioral Problems: With contemporary societies and changing relationships, children are facing traumatic behavioral problem as well as psychological issues. A bridging program helps you to deal and counsel children with any kind of behavioral problems.
  • Old-Age Care: Patients who are in old age and are facing health problems or need immediate attention are on the rise and the nursing bridging programs teach you deal and cure such old age patients.
  • Deal with Emergencies: Bridging programs sharpen your acumen to react and act in an emergency situation where there could be medical emergency.

What are the Benefits of the Bridging Nursing Program?

With AHPRA recognized bridging programs and affiliation from TESQA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) the acceptance for nurses has been well-established and the job opportunities increase multiple times.

Following are the advantages of Nursing Bridge Program:

  1. Saves Time: Bridging programs are a gateway to access your degree in almost half the time unlike the traditional college degree programs.
  1. Flexibility: You can enroll and start the programs as per your wish and you do not have to waste a complete year for the session to commence.
  1. Easy to Apply: Traditional colleges have strict admission criteria but bridging programs accommodate all the willing candidates upon fulfillment of certain criteria.
  1. Benefits of Online Classes: In case you have applied for online classes, you are saved from the nightmare of travelling and getting stuck in traffic jams. Avail the benefits of the class by sitting in your comfort zone.
  1. Saves Money: Unlike the traditional degree courses, you will save a lot of money in books, tuition and other administrative fees.
  1. Credit By Exam: There are certain options available when you can take a few tests from certain syllabus and get evaluated rather than wait for semesters to get over and then sit for exams. This is a much quicker process.
  1. Job Opportunities and PR: Nursing programs make you well-equipped to handle all the situations and the job opportunities multiply as you complete a bridging program. This could even be the pathway to PR status.

Key Take-Away

The benefits of nursing bridging course are many. But make sure the institute you enroll in is affiliated and recognized with the most reputed universities abroad so that you can avail the credits and scholarships mandatory to apply for a job. SOIS, Mohali is the best institution for international education and is collaborated with top Australian universities. They not only enable you to get a recognized degree, but also give you for practical orientation to be on the field. For any queries or guidance on nursing in Australia or any other undergraduate courses like BBA Colleges in Australia, get in touch at